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  • Sun

    Slavic Gospel Association

    11:00 amSouthend Evangelical Church

    SGA is a global, non denominational, conservative evangelical Missionary Agency, founded in 1934 by Peter Deyneka, a Russian emigrant to the USA, who had a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of his compatriots wherever they were to be found.

    1950 marked the formation of the first British Council, with work centred on the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe who had become refugees in the displaced persons camps of Austria and other Western European countries.

    At that time, SGA (UK) was mainly a relief organisation and mission vehicles were packed with food, clothing and other necessities, Bibles and Christian literature, and driven overland to camps in various locations.

    From these camps, SGA developed its ministry in the former Communist controlled Eastern Bloc and engaged initially in a ministry of encouraging and assisting Slavic believers and the provision of Bibles. SGA workers faced many difficulties and dangers in making their way through the Iron Curtain. However, these were nothing compared to the suffering experienced by believers in those countries who remained true to Christ.